My shipping tracking says delivered, but I didn't get it:

That's a bummer!

Your best bet is to contact your chosen local delivery service (USPS/FedEx) office directly right away. They would most likely have first-hand knowledge of when & where your package was delivered and usually can retrieve it. While rare, delivery mistakes do happen and we are happy to assist you to get this right, however, we can only call the main 800 number for the delivery service, which is just not as good as connecting with the person whose directly handled your package or their supervisor on the local level.

Please remember that we will need to file a claim with the delivery service and on average it takes ten (10) business days to resolve and there is no guarantee it will be in our favor. If you chose Economy Shipping it is NOT insured and if we have to re-send your order after a claim determination you will need to pay for shipping, at that point. 

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