What is the difference between Ascend/Api/Dominant Ascend?

Each blend is uniquely formulated to achieve the intended effect. That effect is, however, somewhat different for each blend. This is why we have gone to great extents to paint visual descriptions of each product. The best bet is to start with the product description which accompanies every blend. Next, get to know our proprietary Graphic Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging System (G.O.A.L.S.), which is an at-a-glance interface that provides a Graphical representation of the prime and secondary emotional responses that are triggered with the use of any of our blends:  

We also highly recommend you visit our online community of pheromone enthusiasts at https://discoverxs.com/ and see what other pheromone users are saying about our products. There you will find loads of feedback on real-life experiences with our's, and other's, specific blends/products.

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