what is the difference between the oils and sprays?

The question is pretty straight-forward but the answer is kind of complicated. 

While oil-based blends generally contain a higher content of pheromone molecules, they also take a longer time to diffuse into the atmosphere. This means it takes a longer time to travel and affect people around you. Oil-based blends work more subtly than spray and require longer exposure to trigger the intended effect. They are geared toward longer encounters and are intended for, and work best in, hot, humid, club-like environments. 

Sprays release quickly so when time is of the essence to make the most out of your encounter, sprays are the best-bet. If you're in line and only have a minute or two to make an impression you want something fast-hitting like an XS spray.

Lots of users will use sprays and oils to achieve that "instant" effect of the spray with the slower but "lasting" effect of the oil. Bear* in mind that oils are not refundable, so you may want to stick with sprays if not yet sure what you are doing. We recommend visiting our online community for more detailed feedback based on real-life experiences https://discoverxs.com/

*No bears were harmed in the answering of this question

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