I haven't received emails since I started subscribing for your newsletter?

We weren't kidding when we said we don't spam! Our newsletters are brief and infrequent.

If however you really believe you're missing out on newsletters that all your friends and family have been chatting about getting, there could be a couple of reasons for this. At present we don't send out newsletters on a regularly scheduled basis, so depending on when you registered it may just be one of those in-between newsletters periods. Seriously sometimes it's a really long time between them!

Surprisingly some people like getting newsletters that contain stuff like tips and tricks and that's cool too. This will be changing in the future to accommodate you crazy-kids and we will let you know when that happens. Some things you can check on your end are 

  • Make sure you registered at our official registration page: XS Newsletter Subscribe Here  
  • Clicking subscribe in the store does not add you. You must double opt in by adding an email address and then confirming that email.
  • Check your SPAM folder to make sure our emails are not accidentally ending up there (Be careful not to report any of them as SPAM as that will preclude our servers from ever being able to email you again). 

If for some whacky reason you're just missing out on all the fun and really believe we totally skipped you send us an email with the email you used to sign up and we will look into it on our end.

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