I do not get invoices, tracking or any emails from you anymore?

Uh oh! Are you sure you're even real? Do you really exist? Actually, maybe it's us that don't exist. Don't listen to Steve O! 

More than likely there could be a couple of normal reasons for this. Before you contact us we ask that you please check some things on your end: 

First: Check your SPAM folder to make sure our emails are not accidentally ending up there (Be careful not to report any of them as SPAM though as that will preclude our servers from ever being able to email you again). 

Second: Check your email spelling and make sure it's correct in the store. You'd be surprised how many people misspell their email.

If your invoice/tracking is not in your SPAM folder, and we are showing up in your While List, send us an email and we can look into it on our end.

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